Zoloft Side Effects

Generic Name: Sertraline

Brand Name: Zoloft

Some side effects of zoloft may not be reported. Always consult your doctor or healthcare specialist for medical advice. You may also report side effects to the FDA.

Zoloft dosage

First of all Zoloft is more suitable for patients up 18 years old, who may have moderated, mild or heavy depression. For the Zoloft dosage the consumer should consult with the doctor, who decides for it depending on: patient age, health condition of the patient other types of medicine they are treating and pills symptoms during the treatment. The Zoloft dosage starts from 25 mg a day to 200 mg a day which is its maximum dosage. The most recommended Zoloft dosage is 50 mg daily.

For the patients with the age 6-12 the initial Zoloft dosage is 25 mg per day, for teens (13-17 years old) 50 mg per day and it is not used for children under 6 years old. In women Zoloft may be used for only two weeks during menstrual cycle. In the first week is suggested a Zoloft dosage of 25 mg a day but the doctor may recommend continue the Zoloft dosage up to 200 mg a day.

Like any other medicine if someone takes an extra dosage severe problems could display which can be even fatal. Here are included tremor, tachycardia and dizziness. It is recommended to take Zoloft before going to bed if it gives somnolence and during the morning if it causes sleepless. Despite their problems the patients should never start taking Zoloft, stop or change the Zoloft dosage without talking to the doctor first, otherwise serious consequences may occur.